Our Village signs – the story behind them

Like many places in Staffordshire Moorlands, village signs are supplied by the Local Authority and only show the name of the village or town. In our case Caverswall.

In 2018, these signs needed replacing so we asked our two local schools, St Peters and St Filumenas, if their children would take part in a drawing competition to design two new village signs. The only thing we asked was that the drawing should reflect something to do with Caverswall.

There were lots of entries and we had a hard job deciding on the two winning drawings – one from each school. Ruby Lockett was the St Peters winner, she drew a picture of a peacock with its tail in full glory – we have several peacocks wandering freely around the village – the finished sign can be seen as you come into the village by the bridges on School Lane.

St Filumena’s winner was Bria-Rose Thomas with her drawing of the tree and stocks which are located in The Square, a main focal point in the village and within the Caverswall conservation area. Bria-Rose’s sign can be seen on Blythe Bridge Road.

A local metalwork company took these drawing and with slight alteration artwork for the signs was produced. The finished signs were put in place in April 2020.